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John McAfee For President: Bitcoin Influencer Announces First Decentralized POTUS Campaign On Twitter

John McAfee has declared on Twitter that he will be leading the first decentralized US presidential campaign. The Bitcoin advocate has also asked people to expect to be shocked.

McAfee is going to officially start his POTUS campaign in January. While people wonder how he is going to approach it, the Bitcoin expert has declared that he will use Twitter as his “initial National Stage” for promotion. He is apparently all set to shock the “sleeping masses” with his campaign.

According to the cyber-security advocate, the government is supposed to serve the people. Instead, it is acting like a master. That is why it is required to replace the currency system with cryptocurrency, he said. He believes that is the only way citizens can control the system.

John McAfee is unsure if his campaign will receive contributions, as he calls he Federal Elections Commission paranoid. He also claims that the US government has been trying to “fault” him for many years.

“I’m not sure I can risk accepting donations.”

According to a study by Clovr, John McAfee tops the list of most influential people in blockchain technology. He beats influencers like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and Tron CEO Justin Sun.

McAfee has more than one million followers on social media. He has 52.4 percent influence on the millennials and 45.9 percent on Gen X, according to the study.

McAfee, however, gives out some options to help his campaign. His followers may start a PAC (political action committee) to pool money to influence his campaign. Nevertheless, he insists that there will be no “collusion” between the campaign and the PAC.

Another way is to join the Libertarian Party, which he intends to seek nomination of. When John McAfee’s followers join the party, they should make it clear that they are doing it for him. The Bitcoin influencer also asks the existing members to renew their membership and let the party management know about their support for McAfee.

John McAfee’s 2020 campaign will have a major focus on cryptocurrency. That is why people should learn more about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on to boost his chance become the next US president.

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