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Jiratpisit Jaravijit Arrested, Charged With Bitcoin Money Laundering Fraud

The famous Thai actor, Jiratpisit Jaravijit was arrested on Aug 9 due to his involvement in a bitcoin money laundering fraud. The actor was in the midst of a film shooting when the arrest was made. A six-months-long investigation was carried out before making this arrest.

The actor along with several other people conned Aarni Otava Saarimaa, a Finnish investor in the summer of 2017. They lured him into investing a big amount of digital currency into shares of various companies in return for futures dividends. These companies that they lured Saarimaa to invest into apparently invested in a virtual currency project by the name of Dragon Coin. This trading platform promised the crypto community and investors to blend blockchain with the sphere of entertainment.

Details Of The Bitcoin Money Laundering Fraud

Saarima got trapped into this bitcoin money laundering fraud when he sent these companies over 5,500 bitcoins amounting to $24 million for these fraudsters to invest. However, he soon started doubting their intentions when he was never asked to be a part of any meetings held for shareholders. So quite obviously he did not get the promised dividends. Also, all his questions pertaining to any updates on the issue were left unanswered.

In late January this year, the frustrated investor reached out to the Royal Thai Police and got an investigation started. Along with the Technology Crime Suppression Division, the police found out that the fraudsters converted the bitcoins they received into fiat money, as stated in the CryptoComes report. They shared it and saved it in their respective bank accounts.

End Of The Fraud

Jiratpisit Jaravijit was arrested right in the midst of an ongoing shoot and charged with bitcoin money laundering fraud. The rest of the members involved in the fraud, his sister and brother are still wanted by the police. However, this kind of fraud is not just limited to Thai actors. A lot of other actors from the entertainment industry are also into these kinds of cryptocurrency fraud schemes.

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