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Is Vitalik Buterin Leaving Ethereum Foundation?

The globally renowned Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin is said to be making plans to leaving Ethereum Foundation, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. He has created a plenty of confusions last week with a series of tweets.

A crypto lover recently reached out to the Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine co-founder over Twitter and questioned him about what biggest changes Ethereum Foundation has encountered in the last 15 months. In a previous post, the 24-year old programmer mentioned that the foundation could continue surviving without him. Even to reassure his fellow readers, he added that he is absolutely convinced that he is no longer vital for the success of Ethereum.

Later, Vitalik Buterin made it clear that he could not imagine of leaving Ethereum Foundation in future also because that was a generalized statement he made while putting forward main points citing the developments taking place in the space. He evidently highlighted the developments in 4 points – Casper/sharding spec roughly finished, now in refinement stages; 4+ implementations of the spec well underway; many implementations of plasma well underway; ZK-SNARK-based layer 2 scaling and privacy well underway.  In the end, he mentioned, “It’s a night-and-day difference from 2017.”

After the announcement generated huge waves in the cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum’s co-founder again spoke on October 6 on the same topic. He made it clear that instead of giving up the entire project in the near future, he would express his interest in the theoretical possibility of disappearing totally, as reported by Cryptocurrency Market.

On the other hand, Token Tops noted that there have been major developments going on for Ethereum. Since Ethereum 2.0, plenty of developers are passionately working to realize the enthusiastic founder’s vision of a new version that addresses all the present problematic issues in the blockchain protocol. Some of them are Prysmatic Labs, PegaSys, Rocket Pool, Status, and Sigma Prime.

For the crypto aficionados who are still wondering that Vitalik Buterin will be leaving Ethereum Foundation, he made it totally clear that dissolving would not mean he would leave the foundation totally. Instead, he is eager to make him free from constantly participating in taking major decisions and innovations. After all, his project is a decentralized system that usually works independently for people.

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