Is Grapevine ICO A Great Opportunity For Investors?

Grapevine has been highly appreciated for maintaining the highest standard for crypto business since it is launched, the pre-round of its ICO in early February. Despite getting the praises, there are few people still who have doubts whether such kind of ICO is really needed.

The main aim of Grapevine is to ensure that the healthcare is of the utmost standard. All the data regarding health is shared without any hurdle, and the overall health of population throughout the world is improved. Considering their aim which has the potential to revamp the complete healthcare industry, this task is by no means anything short of being spectacular.

One of the biggest issues in the healthcare industry today is no proper interoperability. In other words, there is much application which is unable to communicate properly with each other and exchange the health-related data. This is of the utmost importance because if there is a lack of interoperability, then a person moves from one country to another sharing the data will become a very difficult task. Without proper data at hand, there is a great risk of treatment getting delayed and can also result in misdiagnosis or even death of the patient.

If we look in terms of research, then the lack of interoperability could cause a huge inconvenience to researchers. If proper data is not at disposal, then the innovation and research could be hampered. Grapevine with its objective can be very helpful in the aspects of the healthcare industry. It can make sure that a boarder-less ecosystem is created which can transfer any data seamlessly and make sure that the proper reports are provided to any location in the world.

According to reports published in Bitcoinnist, they are also paying to the patients, those who are sharing their medical data with the researchers and universities. They are giving them with a crypto token which can be further exchanged for apps, products, medical advice, or gadgets in the Grapevine Ecosystem.

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