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IronX Raise $26 Million Through its Token Sale

The IronX Exchange is a joint venture between IronFX, the global multi-asset broker and EmurgoHK, the Cardano (ADA coin) creator. The exchange has a full range of both crypto and fiat wallet funding options available. IronX has raised $26,319,447.92 via its token sale as of today.
The global cryptocurrency exchange platform allows a variety of funding options together with direct access to trade forex, commodities, equities, and other tradable assets through the user-friendly ecosystem with IronFX Group. It has also recently launched a beta version available at, which is open for registration. Anyone who registers and receives KYC approval will automatically earn 10 IRX.
“The IronX token sale indicates a strong public interest, and we are extremely excited that it has received attention from all over the world,” said IronX CEO Dimitris Hatzis.
“Given the conditions of the ICO market, we couldn’t be happier about the public response to the IRX token,” added Hatzis. “As impressive as has the sale has been, we still have much work ahead, and look forward to working with new contributors.”
IronX’s public sale success comes together with announcing of “End of Sale” 3% bonus to all new deposits under $49,999. 
IRX is an ERC-20 utility token backing the usage of the exchange. The fees paid with IRX will lead to additional discounts on the exchange. Significant contributors will also have voting rights with regards to any new coin listings on the exchange. 
IronX’s beta launch and public sale coincide with their successful security audit from Hosho and Hacken. The crypto platform is regulated after obtaining the full regulatory license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in September 2018. IronX is one of the first European crypto exchanges to seek and receive this level of approval.
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