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ioeX ICO: Big Boost For IoT Hardware Firms

IoeX ICO is an interesting opportunity for investors to invest. The platform is a B2B and B2C platform which offers a solution to IoT firms. IoT is a technology for the future and has a huge potential.

IoeX will create a distributed and decentralized network with the help of the Artificial Intelligence. The network will help in transmitting data and information without any need for storage. It will work without a transmission center and will create a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

The main aim of IoeX is to lower the cost for file storage, network connection, transfer, and data access. Once the platform launched, users will get IoeX coins. IoeX coins can be availed when they share bandwidth and storage space. IoeX has created a physical and online bootstrap node. Node connects to IoeX network. It will give each device its unique identity. Unique ID will make sure that there is a fair and safe recording of data.

Smart devices which need a large traffic in the network will join the peer-to-peer network. In the network, devices will automatically look for propagating data. Users network will also work as the peer-to-peer node inside the network. It will enable transfer of data and storage of files.

ioeX Platform will also integrate e-commerce system. With the help of e-commerce, ioeX will market their products to interested people at cheaper rates. This will help in the installation of software into small servers which will allow the operation of the business at lower cost.

ioeX ICO And Token Details

According to a report published in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, ioeX will attract good investments. IoeX ICO will provide incentives and rewards to those users to store and relate date on their device. Nodes which create storage and network traffic which will get cryptocurrency. The ioeX coin will be issued during this process.

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