Investment In Blockchain Cryptocurrency Focuses On Fundamental Infrastructure

Researchers have been tirelessly stating that investment in blockchain cryptocurrency needs to focus on protocol and fundamental infrastructure because the area is not matured enough and has the less potential for growth.

Investors who wish to make money on the blockchain, need to invest in the companies that are earning revenues from it currently, and building the systems that may make for a new revenue stream in the future.

Some of the most well-known companies in the world are bouncing on the blockchain technology and trying to monetize it. According to the founder of Node Capital, Jun Du, a Chinese venture capital, focused on the technology, and so, there is a lack of logic behind these investments. Another focus on investment is the application. Blockchain, when applied those industries, must bring about real changes. These include decentralized finance as well as copyright trading.

Blockchain continues to be the hottest topic in Asia, especially in China where there is an industry-wide discussion on what the next big coin is after bitcoin and ethereum. The City of Nanjing last month announced that they have done an Investment in Blockchain Cryptocurrency by providing $1.5 billion funds towards public chain projects as part of an effort to engage blockchain with traditional industries. In Asia, there are amazing ideas for blockchain applications. But in terms of technology, it is lacking.

As per the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, the protocol is something even more important than public chain the one-time, which boasts a trading volume of over $1 billion. Node Capital has invested in more than projects globally, including in cryptocurrency wallet firm Coldlar, and Zipper, which develops mobile OS for decentralized apps. So far, it has invested in over five projects worth over $100 million based in the US.

ZDNET recently revealed that investment in blockchain cryptocurrency in South Korea is due to the excessively high trading volume which has led them to be on the 3rd position after the US and Japan in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume.

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