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International Company Lenzing Group Will Use Blockchain Technology For TENCEL™ Supports

The Lenzing Group is an international company who will use blockchain technology for supporting a branded fiber business called TENCEL™. Complete transparency for brands and consumers will be ensured. Not only the complete transparency, but traceability will also be ensured. The company will collaborate with a pioneering traceability platform custom TextileGenesis™ in order to complete this ambition.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lenzing Group Stefan Doboczky said, “With LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded fibers Lenzing was the frontrunner in physical traceability and is now entering the age of digital traceability. This milestone in transparency is a further strong commitment to sustainability. Together with TextileGenesis™, we aim to create an unmatched level of transparency for brands and consumers. With this step Lenzing will further help to green up the textile industry.”

Requests for a new level of transparency and traceability occur due to the increasing demand for acknowledgment related to the ingredients and the suppliers of the ordered products. Transparency will be there from wood to garment in the supply chain. Customers and partners will be helped for the identification of TENCEL™ fibers and the respective wood source throughout production and distribution. Once a QR code is scratched, the origin of products will be detected.

The international company Lenzing Group will perform multiple pilot tests in coming days. The complete platform will probably be introduced by 2020.

Lenzing Group is known as the market leader across the world. The company is said to strengthen its leading position in textile industry sustainability, Lenzing room reported.

The pioneering traceability platform custom TextileGenesis™ is designed for an ecosystem called apparel ecosystem. Creating radical transparency from fiber-to-retail is a vision of TextileGenesis™, according to the official LinkedIn account of TextileGenesis™.

The international company Lenzing Group is located in Upper Austria. It was established in the year 1938. Smart and exciting solutions are created for consumers and business partners, according to the official LinkedIn account of Lenzing Group.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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