Infinito’s Cryptocurrency Wallet Incorporates Coinfirm AML Tech To Ensure Users Identify Transaction Risk

The newly launched cryptocurrency wallet named Infinito Wallet users will now be able to report suspicious addresses and contribute to Coinfirm’s database before making transactions. This new integration is the result of Infinito’s association with Coinfirm. With the technical integration of Coinfirm’s AML platform into the universal wallet, the users will get massive assistance in obstructing the circulation of funds originated from illegitimate activities like scams and hacks.

The association between the two industry leaders, Coinfirm and Infinito, will provide complete protection to both businesses and consumers involved in the transaction of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, this merging is an attempt to popularize the AML standards among the participants of digital markets and also heighten their awareness of the threats from illegitimate activities in the digital currency market.

As far as the risks are concerned, the Infinito’s cryptocurrency wallet users can estimate the risks (before each transaction) associated with it by creating a report that analyses more than 200 risk indicators. C-Score is the main indicator, which is being calculated on the basis of proprietary algorithms and risk scenarios, as reported on the press release by Cision PRWeb.

Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for the users to maximize usage and potentials of the digital currencies. Last month it announced the newest version update 1.15.0 to allow the users to securely store, send, receive and check transaction history of Cardano (ADA). With this move, it has become the first mobile wallet to support ADA. It aims to strengthen its vision to be the planet’s leading universal wallet that will be a safe place for all types of tokens and coins.

According to Bit Crypto News, Infinito Wallet is organizing one campaign of an EOS account for the users of the updated version 1.16.0. The campaign will have a collaboration of 5 EOS community partners such as EOS Philippines, EOS Nairobi, EOS Arabia, JEDA and HKEOS.

As a multi-asset universal cryptocurrency wallet, Infinito Wallet has ventured into cooperation with EOS community Partners to successfully accomplish the free registration campaign. Started on October 3, the campaign will end on October 14.

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