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Infinito Multi-Blockchain API To Offer Developers Seamless Access To Blockchain

The home to leading cryptocurrencies in the world, Infinito Wallet recently announced the launch of Infinito Multi-blockchain API. The wallet hosts all the popular virtual currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, GAS, Dogecoin, and ETC as well as other prominent tokens on NEO NEP-5, EOS, and ETH ERC20.

The API is the first-step solution for the service developers who regularly use blockchain technology and dApps. For developing such services it is important to build nodes supporting the blockchain network. The process also requires assistance from various software for accessing and analyzing blockchain data. The development of service is also very complex. Setting and developing each blockchain that is built on various design philosophies must be separate.

The blockchain API from Infinito will provide the developers seamless access to different blockchains thereby providing great scalability along with solid security. It will establish the development environment of a multi-blockchain service.

This Infinito multi-blockchain API will provide power to the leading universal wallet app, Infinito Wallet rapidly growing worldwide. Ever since its launch, the Infinito Wallet has grown very fast and now has become a top-tier universal wallet leading the global expansion of both the user communities and cryptocurrencies. According to Infinito Wallet, its platform supports 12 languages by the end of Q3 2018.

These include English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Hindi, German, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Russian and Portuguese. Users can get the wallet app on both Android and iOs offering more than 300,000 downloads, reported Ethereum World News. Infinito wants to become the ultimate infrastructure that will promote the utilization and social implementation of blockchain world over. The company is planning to add more support for its smart contract blockchains including NEM, STELLAR, ONTOLOGY and various other blockchains that form the platform for popular cryptocurrencies.

Infinito Multi-Blockchain API is the first developer solution that serves as an integrated gateway to interact and access with various blockchains. By the end of the current year, Infinito is planning to release Infinito SDK, a one-in-all development toolkit.

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