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Indian Women Not Investing More Than Men In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the new mode of investment in the market which is attracting a whole lot of individuals. This all includes men and women from different background who wish to make money faster and the booming trend of digital currency. However, the virtual asset businesses are presenting this as breaking news in the market for increasing the number of investors in the market.

A recent survey revealed that women in India are investing more in cryptocurrency than men. It was conducted by crypto exchange Buyucoin which stated that females are spending around Rs.140,000 on average ( which is approximately $2,000 USD). However, me, on the other hand, men spend only half of this amount which is Rs.70, 000. The survey was conducted this year between March and June which included around 60,000 participants.

According to Bitcoin News, the platforms founder Shivam Thakral mentioned that their team found interesting facts within the survey. Women in particular have taken keen interest to take forward this industry. He further added that their idea was to conduct a comprehensive study to determine innovative policies.

Incorrect Evaluation In Cryptocurrency Investment Survey

However, in a latest update, it is revealed that there are quite a few inadequacies in the survey. The findings and the conclusions reported by the survey aren’t clear with the new updates. It is the divergence of money connecting the average invested by the investors. If considered all the cities in India, it is the men who dominate the investment in crypto trade. Delhi ranked first for women investments which made a percentage of 8.8 while Kolkata is the lowest with only 4.2 percent.

Also, BuyUcoin has not yet revealed their methodology of the survey, hence it is difficult to justify if 60,000 participants were really polled. BuyUcoin hasn’t shared the methodology used for this survey, so it can’t be established if 60,000 people were in fact polled as the company claims. Women investing in cryptocurrency might be the latest buzz in the market but it doesn’t have strong fact based justification behind that.

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