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Indian Politicians Accused Of $12B Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Scam

Members of Indian National Congress have accused the ruling party Bharatiya Janta Party of alleged money laundering through bitcoin scam.  They lay the blame on BJP for converting the block money into the Bitcoins within the state of Gujarat. It is known that the Reserve Bank of India has already enforced a ban on the cryptocurrency trade and any transaction related to that. No factual information has been given in the support of the accusation made by congressmen until now.

According to Coin Desk, INC spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil gave the accusation statement in the media. He stated that under the rule of BJP there was Bitcoin scam going on which is estimated around between $727 million and $12.79 billion. He further demanded a Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation to investigate the cryptocurrency scam.

Furthermore, it is also mentioned that many BJP leaders were able to convert their black money in other forms. However, BJP has clearly denied such allegations against them calling them as a dirty trick to spread lies and confusion in the country. There is already too much instability in the cryptocurrency market regarding the ban imposed by the RBI. Adding on to this new statement has made the situation panicking for the investors and traders.

On the contrary, BJP spokesperson Anil Baluni gave the impression that Indian National Congress might have a hidden motive in accumulation. In addition to this, he also stated that this might be the case of them helping someone who is part of this cryptocurrency scam already.

Cryptocurrency Scam in India

The crypto scams are on the rise in India as there is less know-how of the operational system with no regulatory board. A bunch of people including several Bollywood stars were arrested last month in the case of $300 million virtual currency scam. However, the investigation is still going on and no other details have been unveiled so far.


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