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Indian Municipalities Involve Blockchain Companies For ID Verification System

Blockchain companies in India have successfully identified the core areas for blockchain based services and products. The encouraging response of the Indian government has created a wave of transformation in the blockchain market which is now flourishing at a rapid speed. The government bodies are experimenting with the ledger based system for ID verification system. The Bankura and Durgapur municipalities in West Bengal region have collaborated with blockchain ID firm Lynked.World for this ambitious pilot project.

It is stated that Indian systems seem to be a perfect place for implementing blockchain ID solutions. There is already a digital wonder Aadhaar which is the largest biometric database in the history of having about 1.2 billion members, each of whom has a unique 12-digit ID number that is tied to their biometric information. However, this is still an ID card which needs to be verified at the end of any process. But the world of mobile phones is quite promising which eliminates a lot of hassles from the entire process, as reported in Finder.

Blockchain companies like Lynked.World is working to provide service and solutions based on the blockchain format. Government bureaus and universities can make use of this framework in a customizable way. Lynked.World CEO and founder Arun Kumar stated that such identification systems work on a fast verification process which is configured on the company’s network which has all the clients at one place. The user has to create a profile and fill in all the details. He also added that Lynked.World platform operates customizable form configuration in a way that possibilities for each form creation are endless.

Lynked.World – Everything To Know About

The company works on the blockchain based system which verifies digital identity, professional experience, and education. The platform of Lynked.World facilitates users to control and monitor their digital information which can be shared with institutions and employer. (Via Lynked World)

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