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Indian Government Employee Made $7000 From XRP Cryptocurrency Investment

XRP cryptocurrency and other digital coins have made a significant impact on the lives of investors with their meteoric rise over the time in the recent months. There are many investors who kept their money in crypto trade for obtaining high returns within time. Despite getting good returns their success stories remained under dark due to the fear of government’s wrath after cryptocurrency ban.

According to AMBCrypto, there is an interesting story of one such investor named as Mr. Subash Gaikwad (name changed) from Mumbai who works with Indian Railway as Loco Pilot. He is the only earning member of the family with the wife and two kids. The family is living on a cut-to-cut expense every month until last year when he thought to come out of the financial pressure by investing in cryptocurrency.

He perfectly got through the know-how of the trade in some time and was ready to invest his hard earned money. However, he was still unaware of the technology but he went on to invest in XRP cryptocurrency through BTCXIndia.  This website is now non-operational but facilitated crypto trade pair trade of XRP/INR pair for investments in the Indian retail market until some time back.

Figures Of Cryptocurrency Investment Return

After initial hesitation, Mr. Gaikwad made an investment of $150 at a price of $0.033/XRP which gave him a return almost three times the original value by May last year. The whooping return made him confident enough to invest more in the Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP cryptocurrency.  By the end of 2017, he had already earned about 18 times the original amount he invested. There was a huge jump in the crypto prices last year which caught the attention of everyone including government watchdogs.

Although 80 percent of this portfolio is already out and he is not worried about the cryptocurrency ban. There is merely 20 percent of his investment which is on hold but he is already a millionaire or can be dubbed as Slumdog Millionaire.

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