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Indian Blockchain News: Bengaluru Novel Ledger Hub, IT An Old Story

The latest Indian blockchain news has come from a London-based blockchain consulting firm Dappros. It revealed after a detailed market research that India is set on to become the most promising location for blockchain technology and developers in the world. Indeed, Indian engineers shave captured the information technology market and have been one of the highly employed and skilled across the world. Indian Silicon Valley aka Bengaluru is now making its entry in the blockchain technology market.

The Indian state of Karnataka is about to establish its own blockchain powered Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace. This place will be meant for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who can get their idea patented and can later trade them to the investors. This major announcement came at the 21st edition of Karnataka’s flagship technology event titled as the Bengaluru Tech Summit. The launch of this IP was announced by state’s chief minister HD Kumaraswamy as he called it first-of-its-kind blockchain-powered IP registry in India.

Indian blockchain news revealed that their blockchain panel is also underway planning to set up a legal framework for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP). A blockchain enabled registry will be created in order to look after smart and innovative ideas for commercialization. In addition to this, one of the big four firms PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. is also working in collaboration with the Karnataka government for the development of this IP trading platform, as mentioned by Bits Online.

Indian Engineers Drifting Towards Blockchain

Blockchain technology is the latest buzz of the market and there are several job opportunities for the skilled ones. There is a scarcity of blockchain developers in the market and the Indian engineers seem to have foreseen the better prospects for themselves.

According to BTC Wires, India comes just next to the United States in the number of blockchain developers and the figure is continuously growing. Indian blockchain news updates have been pretty influencing these days which has helped in raising he curiosity in this new emerging stream.

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