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India One Of The Fastest Growing Outward Remittances

Ripple has joined hand with Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of the leading banks in India. Kotak will be using their product xCurrent for the remittance within the country. In a way of enhancing their payment distribution system. In the latest update, Ripple Labs has launched a web series known as The Ripple Drop. It provides news within the Ripple based systems which include information about their customers, technology, and various products.

According to AMB Crypto, the first instance of the series is already up which features a conversation. The recent vlog series shares a conversation between host Reinhard Cate a social media marketer at Ripple and eminent guests. The list includes Catherine Coley (head of XRP Institutional Liquidity), Asheesh Birla (SVP of Product) and Jim Chauncey-Kelly (Head of Talent Acquisition). Furthermore, the panel discussed the major role of liquidity in the trading of virtual assets.

In the words of Asheesh Birla, the xcurrent will permit the bank in making quick connections with international ends without disrupting the ongoing process. He further stated that it will make the entire payment system streamlined and efficient for foreign exchange.

The Ripple Drop’s Debut

The Ripple Drop’s new episodes are accessible on every first and third Monday of the month. In addition to this, it is going to include the latest updates and development on the existing products. The debut of the series also includes a brief outline about a new job opening of Program Manager Role based in San Francisco. This has got a special mention because the candidate will be supporting the University Blockchain Research Initiative.

The importance of the profile can be explained in a way that the company is considering blokchain projects at high priority. Also, the role portrays a huge potential in the profile which will be very useful for the candidate’s knowledge enhancement. Ripple is currently on an association spree with huge players of the market like JP Morgan, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many more.




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