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India Becomes Target For Crypto Cyber Attacks With Over 30000 Routers Infected

Cyber attacks in India are gaining hype these days. India has recently fallen prey to crypto cyber attacks. Routers utilized in mining Monero on each page going through systems are carelessly distributed by unsuspecting web access providers. This makes the issue more complicated. The attack infected almost 30,000 MikroTik routers using CoinHive.

The crypto-jackers are using the updated version of CoinHive mining protocol as the main malware. The anonymity focused altcoin Monero is mined by this natural piece of code.

As indicated by McAfee Labs, the past three months have witnessed more than two million different versions of crypto jacking malware generally identified with CoinHive.

More than $259,000 worth of Monero is generated consistently using the potential capacity of all machines utilized in running CoinHive scripts. Not every last bit of it is created from crypto-jacking; however, the figures bear witness to the lucrativeness of the exploitative means which hackers are used to. Due to its perceived vulnerabilities, MikroTik routers are known as the most exploited routers out there. Consumers using this brand should refer to the manufacturer for an official patch or contact their official internet service provider.

Banbreach’s Efforts to Trace Cyber Attacks in India

As reported by Blockonomi, Banbreach noticed the low cyber security awareness in the non-metro territories of India. The rate of crypto-jacking infection in India’s 3 best urban areas has staggeringly developed by 500 percent.

“I found (CoinHive) in the router provided by my ISP a couple of days ago”, a security enthusiast from Mumbai tweeted. “Probably all the routers used by them are infected and outdated.”

According to the report by Economic Times, Government websites in India are also facing cyber attacks. Guwahati-based security researchers Shakil Ahmed, Anisha Sarma and Indrajeet Bhuyan first identified the vulnerabilities on the AP government websites. The three websites are subdomains of ap.gov.in which is one of the most popular websites globally with over 1,60,000 visits per month.

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