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IG Token Opts For Airdrop Instead Of ICO

IG Token which is a platform based on Ignite project has announced on Twitter that it has canceled ICO and will now offer all the tokens with the help of Airdrop. According to the tweet which was issued a company has sufficient funds and thus it will change the contract.

In this tweet, the company has already stated that the tokens will attract a lot of funding during the ICO and so it has canceled further plans. Some of the media reports are to be believed that the real reason for the cancellation of lack of interest in the tokens which were available.

As the ICO was canceled tokens will be redistributed like an airdrop. For all those who are interested in getting these tokens can send ETH to the smart contract and they would be provided with 10K IG token. Over the period of time, a total number of tokens which are offered will be reduced.

According to the reports which are published on the company’s website then the company has got about 736.4 ETH in the presale of tokens. There are plans that it will list the exchanges on this August and will release the beta version of the prediction app at the end of this year.

The experts of the company have stated that it will have about 100000 users for the application by the end of June 2019 of next year. This target is very ambitious considering that apps which are covered on the Ethereum network average about a few hundred users only. Even some of the most popular apps have attracted only a few thousand users.

According to the report stated in Finance Magnates, it is very important to note that in spite of similarities in the brand names of the IG token is not associated with UK based trading organization IG Group. The planned Airdrop will be very interesting to note.

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