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ICO Report States UK Getting Serious About Privacy And Data Protection

UK information commissioner’s office has stated to its yearly report of years 2017/18 which stated that the UK is now going to take right attitude towards data protection and privacy claimed by ICO report.

Privacy and data protection are something, emerging out as a big concern for people from all over the world. Many consumers have repeatedly expressed concerns about the lack of online privacy and a personal leak of information by organizations. There have also been many cases in which consumers are more than willing to hand over data if they can get some good deal or avoid payment. This has been an issue for convenience for the consumer, but according to the latest report, it seems that the attitudes of on verge of change.

UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has stated that the current age is very important for privacy rights, with the help of this new legal framework and has gathered a lot of public interest. They have stated that accountability and transparency are of utmost importance without which it would be very difficult to create a trust in the manner in which personal information is gathered.

Denham and the whole team has a very challenging task on their hands. In the statement issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office, there are many big goals which are listed. This was reported in ICO reports that they would want to increase the public trust and confidence in the way data is used for this purpose, a betterment of the standard of information would better the practices.

According to reports published in Telecoms, 235.672 phones were made to the ICO helpline. With an increase of about 24 percent every year, there were about 30469 chats which were also requested. Out of these calls, about 21019 calls were made for data protection, which is about 15 percent increased compared to last year. There have also been many cases in which data breach has been reported. With such increase the steps taken by the UK are commendable.


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