IBM Blockchain Technology To Patent DLT System For Addressing Drones Privacy And Security Concerns

IBM’s blockchain technology division has applied for a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based system for addressing the security and privacy issues concerned with drones. Incidentally, both IBM and Alibaba, the IT giant from China have been competing with each other for blockchain patents with the latter leading with a slight margin.

The use of drones in the last few years have enhanced greatly. At the same time, the security concerns and privacy issues related to the usage of drones have grown tremendously. Since these drones are used for both recreational and commercial purposes, it is but natural for the users to become concerned with the privacy of their data.

IBM blockchain first applied for this DLT patent document with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March 2017. It is the latest addition to the company’s already growing library of prospective applications to gain blockchain patents. The patent applications contain details about the blockchain ledger and how the company will use it to store the associated data with drones or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights.

The application states that the blockchain ledger from IBM blockchain technology could be particularly useful when the security risk will be considerably higher and ensure that it can be regulated by the airspace regulators and controllers. These people will supervise the growing number of drones in the sky, says CCN. The blocks in the ledger system will comprise of multiple data points related to the flight patterns of the drone including manufacturer, location, model number, nearness to restricted areas, weather conditions and even any abnormal behavior by the drones.

Applying for blockchain patents is currently the most talked-about and debated topics. Apart from IBM and Alibaba who are fighting neck to neck with each other for reaching the top spot, there are several other companies in the fray. Alibaba and IBM are currently at first and second spot respectively closely followed by Mastercard at the third spot. Alibaba has 90 patents to its name whereas IBM has 89, says Social News Daily.

One of the reasons IBM blockchain technology is behind the patents is because in the last couple of years blockchain patents have made a major impact on the overall economy of the world. And IBM is the leading company in the IT and technology field and hence does not want to lag behind at any cost.

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