Hybrid Decentralized Cryptoexchange Blockport To Integrate Bitfinex

Hybrid decentralized cryptoexchange Blockport has recently announced that it will be integrating Bitfinex as its second external exchange. Its first external exchange was Bitstamp, and Blockport maintains external exchanges to aggregate liquidity to deliver customers with the best token prices.

Since Bitfinex supports more tokens than Blockport, the incorporation will also let it add support for new tokens. The exchange also stated that the limits of the deposits will have been enlarged and improved from 2600EUR to 60,000EUR per user. Blockport will be able to support fresh coins as well as tokens in the future months. As a whole, it can support 94 crypto coins and it can be easily added to the platform.

According to the Blockport team, the listing will be slow and dependent on a lot of factors like legal and marketing strategy. Blockport a hybrid decentralized cryptoexchange comes up with a strong focus on user-friendliness, social trading features and creating a knowledge sharing community. It means users are allowed to hold private keys and funds that will never leave users wallet while trades are settled off-chain and through connected exchanges. Although the backend is somewhat difficult, they guarantee that their users can simply buy, sell and stock crypto with a few clicks.

As reported in Bitcoin Exchange Guide, besides Bitfinex integration, Blockport is presently working on the first version of the platforms social trading features like credit card support, trading pairs and many other functions that are yet to be announced. The team is also all set to prepare an internal listing policy to accept the future listing of new tokens and coins.

This hybrid decentralized cryptoexchange is even maintaining close relationships with the Dutch financial regulators Authority Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank. Communication with such companies is important to safeguard the unconstrained flow of capital in and out of the Blockport platform.

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