Huobi Crypto Exchange Teams Up With CrowdForce To Support Financial Presence

Cryptocurrency industry remains to grow extremely. That is the reason why CrowdForce has collaborated with crypto exchange Huobi, a global leader in the based in Singapore. Crowdforce uses mobile technology and a network of field agents to help banks, businesses, digital wallets, and exchange companies serve the broader masses in the developing markets. The partnership between CrowdForce and Huobi plans to use this mobile technology in endorsing monetary inclusion and a wide net of agents. The partnership will, in turn, guarantee that the growth route is immediate.

Crypto exchange Huobi and CrowdForce will enable CrowdForce field agents to become off-exchange trading merchants, which will eventually endorse the companies agenda to grow the obtainability and convenience of cryptocurrencies.

CrowdForce will also have access to crypto exchange Huobi global conferences this will further add as a benefit to the CrowdForce team to grow brand awareness. Huobi’s presence in the project would certainly ease the extensive use of cryptocurrency because of the comfort with which the next 1 billion customers will be able to access cryptocurrency.

According to The CrowdForce cofounder, Damilola Ayorinde, the partnership is an unbelievable chance to push the crypto world to the next billion underserved population. With this teamwork the firm believes that it is better able to gauge the platform internationally. As per the blog posted on Medium, it will make an impact on job creation by providing an alternative revenue stream.

CrowdForce has continued to demonstrate their competences by upholding a strong track record. Their online following on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, and Telegram has grownup speedily and they have also experienced optimistic reviews from members of the public.

As per Bitcoin News, the CrowdForce field agent network works with the “CrowdForce” platform which allows businesses, to set up micro tasks and services. The CrowdForce Tokensale starts on November 12, 2018, and will run for 4 weeks. The goal is to guarantee funding to confirm the growth of the CrowdForce” platform, as well as drive acceptance of the platform across all evolving markets.

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