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How UBRI Community And Hydrogen Partnerships Are Transforming Ripple Blockchain Updates

Ripple blockchain updates continue to move forward with the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). There are several eminent institutes and leading names associated with this community for the development of blockchain technology. This program of Ripple has been a very successful initiative so far which has added prestigious names in their clan. The associated members of this community are already working on the use of existing cases. In addition to this, the open source platform of Hydrogen has signed long-term deals with some big names in order to use their API suite and public blockchain token $HYDRO.

The Senior Vice President (Product) Ripple Asheesh Birla informed on social media that Kevin Werbach, Professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and one of the members of UBRI community, is working on the blockchain test cases and is likely to come up with interesting results in the future.

Werbach explained that the majority of precise use cases are those which have been associated with the cost of trust or possess a crack in trust among the entities involved. He believes that this can be handled very well with virtual currency use cases, but Ripple’s services can be very well utilized and can prove to be beneficial in both the cases, as mentioned by AMBCrypto. Ripple blockchain updates are leading the race when it comes to the adopting of this technology with their extremely popular tokens XRP in the global commercial market.

Hydrogen And Blockchain Technology

According to Invest In Blockchain, Hydrogen is getting in collaboration with big names in order to explore the blockchain powered usage via private API offerings. Ripple blockchain updates are relying more on cross-border remittance protocols and updates while Hydrogen, on the other hand, is looking forward towards more business with project $HYDRO. It is a system based on effective token offering an additional solution to modern financial services woes.

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