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How To Use Bitcoin Games To Enter Cryptocurrency Market

Blockchain technology and gaming are a perfect combination. The gaming industry has since long been struggling with security, payment, and item trading issues. The blockchain and Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Ethereum and other reputed digital currencies are best suited to solve these problems and give players a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

There is a lot of learning to be done before you use crypto coins to play online games. By doing this, you learn to navigate the blockchain gaming world, start building your cryptocurrency portfolio and have fun while earning a bit (or a lot) of digital cash along the way.

Listed below are three top games that integrate blockchain/DAG and cryptocurrencies into their gameplay. Learning this will help you find your way in the blockchain gaming world.


Cryptokitties is a very interesting blockchain game released in 2017 by Axiom Zen. In cryptokitties, you have to collect and breed virtual cats. .This game is based on the ERC-721 Ethereum token, unique tokens that use Ethereum blockchain. Since all auctions and payments are done with Ethereum, you will have to buy a few to start off and buy your kitty.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a mobile magic card game, and is similar to Cryptokitties as in the kittens can help the gamer win a battle in the Askian Valley instead of breeding with one another. The blockchain cards use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain by using the Counterparty platform.

Beyond the Void

Beyond the void game provides players with an absolutely free-to-play interstellar Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This in-game economy is based on a cryptocurrency token called Nexium. The most interesting part is that all the in-game spaceships and items you buy are registered on the blockchain, meaning that you own your items.

Cryptocurrency games and Bitcoin games is a fun way of learning blockchain technologies. Not only will you experience ownership and open game economics, you might also end up making good money.

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