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How Oracle and IBM Blockchain Platform Help Their Customers

Oracle Corporation has already built many blockchain applications on its blockchain platform which is known as ‘Oracle Blockchain Platform’ and most worldwide businesses experienced the benefits of these applications.

It is an American multinational computer technology corporation who provides blockchain solutions like business-ready Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud and Oracle Blockchain Platform which accelerates the blockchain journeys of customers and saves their costs.

Oracle has now added new features like Enhanced world state database, Rich history database, Enhanced REST APIs, Identity Federation, Third-party certificate support and Hyperledger Fabric 1.3. to its platform in order to enhance security, developer productivity and DevOps capabilities. These features are known as developer-oriented productivity enhancements and consortium-oriented identity management features.

Streamlining the existing processes of a supply chain, cross-border payments, identity, and fraud detection can be done through blockchain technology. Most worldwide businesses tried hard to implement blockchain networks within their existing ecosystems. Oracle Blockchain Platform is basically designed to address this challenge. This platform also streamlines the process of building and integrating blockchain applications along with the connection of these applications into the relevant business processes.

Oracle customers want to enhance the speed, security, and efficiency of their business processes through these applications. There are many global customers with production deployments on this enterprise-grade platform and some of these global customers are China Distance Education Holdings Limited (CDEL), Circulor and SERES. CDEL shares educational records and professional among certifications educational institutions using Oracle blockchain with the main aim to help employers and recruiters. Circulor is a blockchain-based traceability system also known as the global supply chain ecosystem who tracks minerals from mine to manufacturing. SERES is a well-known global solution provider in electronic invoicing, electronic data interchange (EDI) and document process automation fields who provides greater trust and efficiency to electronic invoicing in franchise networks using this blockchain.

Apart from these global customers, a few platforms like Arab Jordan Investment Bank, CargoSmart, Certified Origins, ICS Financial Systems, Nigeria Customs, OriginTrail, SDK.Finance, NeuroSoft, TradeFin, and HealthSync have already integrated production-ready blockchain applications on this Platform, The official website of Oracle reported.

IBM is an American multinational information technology company who has created a blockchain platform which is known as ‘IBM Blockchain Platform’. The company launched the platform in Melbourne with the main aim to enable its customers to run their blockchain applications on the company’s cloud. It will also make the platform available in March in Sydney. The platform is basically a Hyperledger Fabric-based platform. This project is known as an open source blockchain project hosted by the Linux Foundation, ZDNet reported. The head of the blockchain and consulting practice leader for IBM in Australia and New Zealand Rupert Colchester said, “Customers who are deploying blockchain applications have reached a maturity of projects that require the data to be stored in Australia.”

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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