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How Kaleido Will Become Full-stack Enterprise By Extending Its Blockchain Business Cloud Service

Kaleido has extended its blockchain business cloud service in order to become the first full-stack enterprise. It has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Consensys to provide tools and protocols for all the components of new blockchain projects.

The Kaleido marketplace provides the legal smart contract solution to enable new clients to have an easy access to their services. Many early adopters removed 80 percent of the custom code to develop the blockchain project. Now, clients can use AWS services including private networking, data backup and industry products like OpenLaw, Viant and Chainlink as well as other common services like HD wallets. Komgo is one of the current clients of Kaleido who has a network of financial institutions include MUFG Bank, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, and Shell, Citi, ING and Koch Supply & Trading. Komgo is all set to use this technology.

Embed partners like Radiant Earth and Greenface Consumer are implementing the blockchain technology provided by Kaleido to improve their own blockchain networks. Radiant Earth provides a geospatial data to help NGOs. Greenface wants to digitize the marketing strategy to help Hollywood studios like Fox and Sony.

Kaleido has created 1,000 blockchain networks with its blockchain business cloud service to help many organizations. Now, it has decided to provide the first full-stack of the blockchain in order to develop a complete solution. Alongside, by launching its partnership program in tandem, Kaleido wants to offer vital opportunities which could help third-party providers to join the ecosystem while promoting their other offerings at the same time.

Along with the blockchain business cloud service project, there are other things include data, application and infrastructure components to be produced. The Kaleido is one of the marketplaces which provide all things related to blockchain technology for clients to use, Cision PR Newswire reported.

Alibaba Using Blockchain Blockchain Business Cloud Service To Enhance Business Performance

Alibaba wants to provide well-developed and customized cloud computing services including government organizations, start-ups and corporations. It is already providing some services like automatic deployment, software Development Kit applications and consortium blockchain management. Alibaba’s aim to help customers across worldwide by providing a secure environment for the blockchain implementations.

Blockchain is the game changer which could change the current scenario of the marketplace, according to Jack Ma. Therefore, the company is leaving no stone unturned to bring blockchain innovation, Alibaba Cloud Official Website reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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