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How HR Professionals Can Save Time And Money In Recruitment Process With Blockchain Technology?

The most important struggle for any industry is executing a task in less time and money. And it is the same with HR field which always has to spend a lot of money for completing its recruitment and verification process. However, now many believe that blockchain technology can bring a major change in this scenario.

Digital transformation is not new to the HR field as its functions are already being executed with the help of several new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, mobile applications, and cloud. All these features helped the HR department across the world to retain their quality talent, attract skilled manpower and create a learning environment for the employees.

And now, the HR field can move further with the aid of blockchain applications. The technology is built around blocks of records and contain an encrypted record of the very recent validated operations and also all the previous operations. So when a single platform can provide all the information and access to multiple people at a time, it naturally eliminates the need for creating multiple individual ledgers.

Similarly, blockchain technology can do wonders when it comes to the recruitment process which indeed takes a lot of time. Verification is an essential part of the recruitment process as the HR heads need to verify all the credentials of the applicants and also conduct background checks, reported Financial Express. Inaccurate or false or even wrong resumes are not uncommon.

The scanning and separation of such resume take a lot of time. Many times these resumes do not contain up-to-date status or vital details. Cross-border checks pose a bigger issue. It is where the HR professionals can think of using blockchain applications to ease out their problems.

Since blockchain technology stores information created by a source in a block, it can be easily linked to the HR system to establish the digital authenticity of the record or resume. According to Solutions Review, the technology can be of great help for HR professionals while evaluating the educational qualifications and professional certifications. Since the blockchain platform automatically validates the documents, it saves a lot of time as well as money.

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