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How Cryptocurrency Saved A Life, Extraordinary Success Story Of Sudip Panja

In 2007, after passing B.Com[IS] (Bachelor of Commerce and Information Systems), I had joined a share trading company. Then in 2012, I joined a USA-based company as a Project and Delivery Manager. My bachelor life was going smoothly, and my 7 years old love relationship was at its zenith. In 2013, after the successful journey, it was decided by both our families that the marriage ceremony will be arranged by the end of 2014.

Suddenly that inauspicious day of 23rd May 2014 arrived.

I was returning home from South Kolkata to North Kolkata by train. Due to mismatch of time, I thought I will miss my next train as my train from South Kolkata had stopped in the middle of the signals. So, I tried to get at the platform by getting down from the train. Unfortunately, my right foot got trapped between the railway tracks. I fell down at the side of the tracks and became unconscious. As it was night, there was no crowd or public and I was there alone in the senseless condition.

Sometime during the night, another train pushed me on my legs. When I came to senses, I realized my lower portion, below the knees, is not moving.

As it was the night I could not see anything but feel excruciating pain. I tried to move but could not. I shouted for help but due to the pain, I again became unconscious. I was there for almost 2 hours and had lost 9 bottles of blood from my body. Then, some slum dwellers came to my rescue and informed the GRP.

Next, GRP didn’t take the case and transferred me to the local police station. The O.C of the police station saw my critical condition and took me to the local govt. hospital in his own car.

After examining me, the doctors first asked me to sign on a bond paper which had two conditions. They said that they have to amputate my limbs to save me. Immediately my friends came and informed my family members. Every time I came to my senses, I said only one sentence, ” If I live, my legs must be, in any condition my legs must not be an amputated.”

Initially, they heard my request and dressed my wounds. The next day my friends brought me to Apollo Hospital, Kolkata.

The treatment started at Apollo Hospital. They treated me for the next seven days as they tried to remove the infection from my legs. The hospital bills had crossed 7.5 lakhs in those seven days.

I am the only son of my parents and ours is a lower middle-class family. My father had a small business and we can’t afford the sum of Apollo for my health condition. I went to another orthopedic hospital [BORRC] in New Town, Rajarhat-Kolkata. There they completed only open wound healing and skin grafting up to November 2014. But my left knee, left femur bone and right four toes were amputated as there was no recovery. The doctors decided that the right foot must be amputated. I decided whatever I have to do I will do that in South India. Then I went to CMC, Vellore in November 2014.

The doctors started my treatment in a new way. They decided to try arthrodesis with my two bones, femur and tibia, and the operation duration was more than eleven hours. Next, in my left knee, one type of Ilizarov apparatus which is an external fixation, was set after surgery. That will help to create a new bone in that area after 16 months. But the density of the bone was not proper so another external fixator was set and the bone ooze from bone marrow was given to shape the new bone for density. The external fixture was kept for another 8 months. After this, the physiotherapy had started.

For all this, we couldn’t continue the expenses. My father’s business had already stopped as he had to accompany me to CMC hospital.
So, we had to borrow money and sell the property. Gradually, our finances became nil at one time. Some of my close friends, my relatives and some well-wishers helped us to recover from that misery.

At the same time, I lost the love of my life, my some friends, my job, my father’s business and after all I had lost my willpower to live. My parents’ limitless patience and some of my friends’ enthusiasm brought me back on track.

I tried to contact my old IT clients online from the hospital. I got in touch with one of my friends who helped me quite much. We two tried to work on something new. He had sent me money from which I bought a laptop and started to work in a new way. We started receiving the payment from the clients as PayPal dollars, but the charges of PayPal became high. In 2015, a client advised me to receive Bitcoin as a payment method. Gradually the price of Bitcoin was increasing and it struck me the most, why is it increasing? One of my US clients suggested me to trade the Bitcoin in an exchange which is established in SGX.

In November 2016, the doctors removed all my external iron metal and I tried to walk on the field with the help of hand crutches. But suddenly in Feb 2017, my father suffered a heart attack when I was trying to recover.

At that moment I took the help of my friend and another friend in Kolkata. But most help I had received was by selling all my Bitcoins which I had gathered over time. Gradually, I recovered with the help of Bitcoins and I became mentally strong, and now I had started to research about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Later, my friend and I decided to start anew in Kolkata and to begin from zero. It was in the month of June, we rented a room near the hospital for the routine check-up of my father and from there we started our work. We tried to receive all payments in Bitcoins and we traded those Bitcoins on the crypto exchange. Within the next six months, I paid back some of the money I had borrowed and planned to buy a new flat in November 2017. In Dec 2017, I still had one external fixture on my right foot. For that, I underwent an operation in March 2018 and I also bought a new flat.

At present, my father’s heart condition is very well along with my legs. We are now very happy. I think, for a man, living is the only aim of his life. Destiny is prefixed and we should never give up on hope. Only man alone can recover himself.

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