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How Can Blockchain Change Digital OOH? MediaMath’s New Beta Roll-out Promises Answer

Blockchain technology is almost everywhere and now it seems is gaining importance in the digital OOH. The technology delivers transparent, robust, bright and utopian media and landscape which can do wonders to any field. While discussing how blockchain can particularly play a major role in defining Digital media, experts found out that the technology has immense capability to bring about a complete transformation to the way, advertising, technology, and media works.

Last year media agency called Truth came out with a blockchain smart contract technology so that it can provide 100% transparency to its clients. Clearly, the security and transparency that the blockchain can offer to the media can help the brands looking for value from agencies and suppliers.

According to the chief creative technology officer at ExchangeWire, Dan Dawson, in the data management segment blockchain could effectively add smartness in all the aspects of its working including targeting, planning, buying, distribution, execution, and measurement across the screen of DOOH.

Blockchain, when used for audience targeting in digital OOH, will lead to an increase in the data sharing. It will further trigger off omnichannel and omni-screen campaigns making cross-platform audience planning possible. Now that almost everyone has an electronic device in his pocket, and is almost always connected, the cross-platform digital campaigns can really provide the huge response brands are always looking for, reported ExchangeWire.

Working on the similar lines, MediaMath recently rolled out a beta version of Guaranteed Viewable Market teaming up with Underscore CLT for this project, reported ADWEEK. Underscore CLT is a startup company that uses blockchain technology for offering better insights into the often murkyprogrammatic sector of advertising. According to the demand-side platform (DSP), the new rollout from MediaMath provides “impression-level verification” for ad space on both mobile and desktop as well as on the out-of-home-inventory.

With the help of identity solution, digital OOH agencies can assure their advertisers that the ads are fraud-free and 100 percent viewable. According to Underscore CLT, the new program from MediaMath can offer better transparency through placement characteristics and publisher contextualization.



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