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How Blockchain Technology Contributes To Gaming Sector

The Blockchain technology company HashCash Consultants will work with one of the Australian video game developers and that developer is not revealed yet. It aims to explore options which are built on the blockchain in order to help Video Streaming Games.

HashCash provides a white label blockchain solution and the comprehensive ICO services for online games. This company doesn’t only provide the white label gaming exchange for their clients but also pairs up the generated token with fiat currency and leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ether, and HCX for trading purpose. It is designed with features such as Market, Limit, Stop Orders and Margin in order to enable orders placement along with the growth of volume trade. It accepts multiple currencies investments and helps ICO partners with huge funding options. It has the ability to customize its own native digital asset on the blockchain along with the integration of its generated ERC token on its network.

It is stated that blockchain technology builds an anonymity factor where gamers can make quick and legitimate in-game transactions with no personal details required on the public ledger. There will be no taxation on cryptocurrency transactions. It provides transparency and helps to track anyone’s payments with the main aim to mitigate fraud. It facilitates not only the implementation and utilization of decentralization, reward modules, and financial channels but also strong security, PR Newswire reported.

BlaCat is a new platform which supports a high-speed blockchain game operation. The platform has made a partnership with the first multi-player strategic war game Imperial Throne which is based on the public Blockchain. The main purpose of the partnership is to give a new boost to this blockchain-based game, Medium reported.

Castle Crypto is a blockchain gaming company announced the launch of their new Blockchain Technology gaming website. The company is a well-known reviewer due to the extensive nature of their video game reviews and the ability to research different types of cryptocurrencies along with a reviewed-and-approved list of Ethereum games, Digital Journal reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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