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High Times Magazine Promotes Cryptocurrency And Cannabis Partnership Through IPO

The collaboration between cryptocurrency and cannabis has not been looked upon favorably by some groups. However, in several countries including some states in North America, it has proved to be a grand success. In a recent development, High Times magazine shared on August 2 that it has plans of making an entry into the crypto space with its IPO.

Many people are aware that High Times has been a major force behind legalizing cannabis as well as has exposure in North America for more than four decades. The magazine is extremely enthusiastic about the impending merger of cryptocurrency and cannabis.

The magazine has recently declared a strategic partnership between cryptocurrency and cannabis with the introduction of their IPO. In fact, the move will be the maiden regulated top class stock offering, which will accept digital currencies like Bitcoin among others.

High Times has been quite a popular magazine related to cannabis and was initially set up in 1974. Ever since its inception, the magazine has been a strong advocate for the legalization of cannabis. The firm has declared that they intend to launch their IPO soon for the cryptocurrency space.

Encouraging Merger Between Cryptocurrency And Cannabis

Adam Levin, the Chief Executive Officer of High Times is convinced that the prevailing fast growth of cryptocurrency in the mainstream will trigger a larger number of investors to invest in their IPO. It can be a right step towards promoting a merger between digital currency and cannabis on a big scale globally.

The new venture appears to be quite an interesting one for the cryptocurrency space. According to a report published in Crypto Disrupt, High Times will be the first company in the United States to accept a bevy of digital currencies for an IPO. The move will be another major landmark as far as cannabis is concerned. It already has the distinction of being the first material used in a ship’s sails among others.



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