Ground X Announces Launching Of Blockchain Platform Klaytn’s Test Version

Ground X recently announced the launch of blockchain platform Klaytn’s test version. Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao, a leading mobile platform from South Korea. Led by Jason Han, the CEO of Kakao, the testnet version is now open to its partners. Along with it, the subsidiary of Klaytn has also opened the position paper that highlighted the technical architecture and direction on its website’s official homepage.

Klatyn UX wants to bring improvement in the inconvenient UX that is currently a big issue plaguing all the blockchain platforms. With its new launch, the company wants to provide the average end-users a seamless experience of blockchain technology. With the help of Klatyn UX it will be easier to eliminate traditional inconveniences such as private keys, wallets, and crypto addresses. It will thus lower the blockchain technology barriers for normal end-users.

One of the highlighting features of Klatyn is its increased performance and speed of its dApps which will now be available for the mass users. Interestingly, the block interval earlier used to take almost an hour for Bitcoin (BTC) and a few minutes for Ethereum (ETH).

With the help of Klatyn blockchain platform, the block interval has been reduced considerably to even less than one second for up to 1,500 Transaction Per Second (TPS). The system currently in its testing mode separates CNs (Consensus Nodes) and the RNs (Ranger Nodes), reported Cision.

While speaking about this project to media people, Jason Han said, “The popularization of blockchain requires providing a practical blockchain service for mass adoption thereby validating the value and utility of blockchain technology.” The CEO further added that Ground X has specially designed Klatyn to provide an easy and user-friendly environment for everyone in the work cycle including developers, service providers and end users at the same time, reported Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

This innovative approach of Ground X’s blockchain platform will reduce propagation interval below one second. The network is planning to offer 10 billion KLAY tokens to encourage more participation from community members.

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