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Green Energy ICO: Plans To Convert Waste Into Energy

Green Energy ICO is an ideal opportunity for investors to connect to a good cause. The company is planning to manage the waste produced by the world into something fruitful. Green Energy plans to turn waste into energy and is looking for investments.

Green Energy have their aim of helping in the management of waste. Even since the company has had a focus on two problems such as excessive waste and energy shortage. It now claims to have the technology which will help them convert waste into energy. If the claims workout, then this will promise to be a big breakthrough.

In its effort to convert waste into energy, the company plans to start a waste processing plant. The plant will turn waste into endogaz and electricity. For the purpose of converting, the plant will use recycled energy. The energy which the plant generates will be sold to consumers in the neighboring areas. Some parts of the energy will also go to mining farms which would help in generating income. Investors will get income which the company earns from these sources.

To build the plant and energy farm, Green Energy plans to collect fund using crowdsale. The company is looking to build a joint business ownership model. The ownership of GEC tokens will mean a share in the company. Holders can gain 85 percent of the total profit which the project will gain. 75 percent of which will be given as dividend, the rest of the 25 percent will be an investment. With the money, the company will carry out business related activities like upgrading tools.

About Green Energy ICO

According to a report published in Invezz, the company will use the top-notch mining rigs to make sure that it generates a maximum possible income. Green Energy ICO offers a very unique opportunity for the investors. It will be interesting to see what response it gets when the crowdsale will take place.

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