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GP Practice Opens Doors To Cryptocurrency Payments With Medicalchain

Though cryptocurrency and Bitcoin might have been the primarily and extensively known uses of blockchain technology, nowadays, it’s far from the only one. These technologies have been leveraged for medical services in the UK. This marked the first time a patient used cryptocurrency payment tech to communicate with a General Practitioner; it was enabled by, a tech-oriented medicine service. It is the first healthcare company using blockchain technology to ease the storage and use of electronic health records in order to deliver a complete telemedicine experience.

Medicalchain aim is to gauge the patient’s selections in the manner of treatment and communication with a doctor. According to Maria Rodriguez, the patient who tested the crypto services the tech certainly recovers the medicine ecosystem. One can effortlessly purchase medicine-related services through using the Medicalchain native tokens, MedTokens (MTN). Additionally, the doctor’s report can be recorded sooner on a digital ledger where the peers with access to the platform can view.

Medicalchain is going through the experimental phase of this landmark in London at Groves Medical Centre. As per Digital Health Age, the UK-based market can contribute in the pilot by using MyClinic application to make appointments and it will use cryptocurrency payments to store health records.

The revolution assures that patients will recollect the option of retrieving the doctors allotted to them by NHS. Succeeding a fruitful pilot with The Groves Medical Group in South West London the service will then enlarge to provide full wrap around health services across the UK, Europe and then the world.

Medicalchain’s CEO Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti stated that Medicalchain intends to scale its services to a global level once the pilot phase proves to be a success. As per Bitcoin Exchange Guide, it is important to note that blockchain and the medicine service ground have cooperated before as creators try to resolve challenges. Another clinic that formed an enterprise with Medicalchain is known as Mayo, the two plan on leveraging blockchain to accomplish the recording schemes for storing patients data by receiving cryptocurrency payments as well.

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