Gorli Testnet To Resolve Security And Consistency Issues On Ethereum Blockchain Technology Platform

Gorli Testnet is the latest app that will resolve all the security issues on Ethereum blockchain technology network.

People use ETH testnets to experiment by deploying smart contracts and decentralized apps prior to making them live on the primary network of Ethereum. However, most of these testnets struggle to stay consistent and secure. Gorli Testnet is gearing up to provide solutions to all such issues.

The process has to be carried out prior to distribute the smart contract on the mainnet of Ethereum. It involves conducting multiple tests so that the efficiency and the safety of the platform must be guaranteed. The tests are to be conducted by the developer who has developed the smart contract. For the testing, the developer has to create a network similar to mainnet.

However, the developers face a major challenge of how to run this testnet for free because almost all the blockchain-based systems pay for their requirement of gas for computations using smart contracts. Aidan Hyman, the CEO, and co-founder of ChainSafe Systems, the company behind Gorli Testnet said that their Testnet is a new type of system as both Geth Ethereum and Parity clients can carry out their work as network’s validators.

According to Hyman, the Gorli team of developers will continue to advance this project on the Ethereum blockchain technology network further. As a part of the project, the developers will reach out to Geth Ethereum and Parity teams for understanding the inner workings of the mechanisms of Aura PoA consensus in a better way, says Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

Parity and Geth Ethereum will continue to be the primary clients running the ecosystem of Ethereum, however, the testnets they are using Rinkeby and Kovan are entirely isolated from each other. Since each client used different PoA consensus mechanisms.

Another major breakthrough in technology to hit the Ethereum blockchain network this year is the launch of most anticipated FOAM. This app has been developed with the aim to create a reliable and resilient world map by using smart contract and blockchain-based technology, says Smartereum. According to the latest news, users have already started to populate the map.

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