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Google Play Store Bans Non-Cloud-Based Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

In its latest move against cryptocurrencies, Google Play Store bans non-cloud based cryptocurrency mining apps. However, Google indicated that it will continue to allow mining apps that mine for virtual currency from outside of a device, cloud-based mining, for instance.

Recently, Google updated its developer policies for its Play Store in a move to prohibit several categories of apps. It is done with the intention of targeting cryptocurrency mining apps.

Google now states that under its category of “Financial Instruments” it no longer allows apps that mine virtual currencies on devices. As per its new policy, it also prohibits apps that appeal to kids but contain adult themes. Apart from this it has prohibited apps that facilitate the sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or certain firearms accessories.

Google has also banned apps that are created with the help of an automated tool, wizard service or template based apps that are submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of others. It has also banned multiple apps with similar user experience and content.

Google Cracks Down on Cryptocurrencies

With its growing hostility towards cryptocurrencies that has been brewing since quite some time, Google announced its intention to ban crypto mining extensions from its Chrome Web Store in April this year. This was done in order to offer protection from extension crypto jacking to its users.

Google’s platform product manager, James Wagner posted that existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store towards the end of June. He further added that around 90 percent of all extensions with mining scripts that the developers attempted to upload to Chrome Web Store were not in compliance with Google’s policies. Thus they were all either rejected or removed from the store.

As reported in the Bitcoin News, Google also announced in March this year that it would launch a crackdown on all advertising content pertaining to cryptocurrencies and related content.

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