Google News: Security Experts Warn Against Bragging About Crypto Wealth Online

Google expert, Mark Risher has warned the crypto traders against bragging about their assets online. News regarding the cyber theft is increasing and top notch cryptocurrency investors are being targetted by fraudsters. Cybercriminals are, effortlessly in just a few clicks, robbing of crypto assets worth millions. He further pointed out that boasting of one’s crypto assets online will attract malicious actors such as cybercriminals.

Many of the cyber scams that are investigated trace them back to a post made by the victim. Showing off one’s virtual assets that cost in millions will indefinitely attract scammers.

Mr. Richer warned that crypto fraudsters are using sophisticated and intelligent ways to lure investors. While many news reports of crypto scams are circulating, the Google watchdog highlighted that traders must keep anonymity or else the scammers will cheat them. Hackers usually get details od the traders from their social profiles and in turn they use the info to lure them.

As per CryptoGlobe, Risher, who oversees Google’s initiatives to protect Gmail and other apps, revealed cybercriminals may choose their targets because they’re either looking to work up to a higher target or because they see people bragging about wealth online.

This vicious circle can be prevented if the investors pay keen attention and not gloat about their riches online. One cannot avert the scams as the cybercriminals, for now, are easily getting the details and based on their research are targetting investors. Many reports are pointing out cyber scams on a daily basis, according to Bitcoin News.

Overall, the Google experts are requesting investors again and again not to reveal their personal info on the online portals. As CryptoGlobe news also stated that Thai authorities expected cryptocurrency-related crimes to grow this year. In the first half of this year, crypto mining attacks more than doubled.

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