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Global Technology Used To Issue And Secure Digitally Recorded Marriage Certificates

One of the popular marriage epicenters of the world Reno, Nevada witnessed a major number of global technology-based recorded marriages in 2018. The city which is also known as the biggest little city in the world has the easiest procedure to get married, unlike other countries. The latest updates revealed that the county of Washoe saw over 900 marriages registered into the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. All the documents involved in the marriage are cataloged in a blockchain-enabled network in which all the data remain immutable and secure. Also, another country of Nevada, Elko has begun recording birth certificates using blockchain technology.

Titan Seal executive Phil Dhingra stated that going by the conventional method a traditional marriage certificate is likely to take around 10 business days while a blockchain certificate can take only a few hours to complete the process. He further added that the computing power of this network is hard to hack.

Many individuals are coming especially to these counties of Nevada to get married as the paper certificates can be used over and over again without any requirement of ordering a new seal every time. Several counties of this region have been testing the potential of global technology after the introduction of Senate Bill 398. As per the new law, smart contracts and blockchain-powered transactions will have recognition by the state and their electronics records law, as mentioned by Bitcoin News.

Why Couples Are Registering Marriages On Blockchain?

According to Blockchain Magazine, blockchain has come up as a solution for uniting couples across countries. A blockchain powered system helps in keeping a unified system of records, details and ceremony details on a global marriage registry portal. This is a completely decentralize and transparent system which also facilitates the couples to add-on other conditions such as marriage contracts and prenup. There is an app called “Smart Love” which runs on this global technology and offers blockchain registered services like, marriage registry, inheritance, asset sharing, and child care.

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