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Global Technology Used By Education Sector To Enhance Operational Transparency

Global technology blockchain has been used in several domains but the latest one seems very different and unique from the rest of them. Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, will begin the application of blockchain technology in the systems of kindergartens for the optimization of priority and issuance of directions. It will also consider the opinion of citizens to ensure validated monitoring and transparency of their entire system that manages the waiting lists to kindergartens.

In Kazakhstan, there has been a trend of the long waiting list in the local kindergarten as the child is required to be accepted there. The long queues are being managed by federal law under the Standard of State Service. This system gives a priority to the kids who have special educational needs, disabled, without parental care and who belong to large families. The admission process of these kindergartens has been already digitized but, there are several flaws and there were complaints from the parents about the incorrect data storage. Therefore, the department is relying on this global technology blockchain-driven database and solution to organize things in an apt way.

Investments and Business Development Head Alisher Abdykadyrov stated that the new decentralized system will begin from next month that will ensure the transparency of the kindergarten queue formation.  The department head further added that the features and interface of this blockchain driven system is very user-friendly and there will be connections of educational institutes in the coming months as mentioned by Elorda.

How Blockchain Is Re-inventing Education Sector?

According to Crypto News, the innovative characteristics of blockchain have made it very useful in the field of education. It has helped in the management of education records which can be tracked and monitored by the students in real-time irrespective of their location. Global technology has also helped in the validation of educational credentials from the educational institutes and employers as well.

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