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Global Technology Blockchain Out Of Hype Cycle, Becomes Trendsetter Of 2018

This year 2018 has been incredible for global technology blockchain in terms of acceptance and adoption in the mainstream commercial market. Several leading business vertical that are driving the international market had begun using this ledger form along with research on how its potential can be leveraged in the best possible way. Certainly, it would not be incorrect to state that the much-hyped distributed ledger form is bringing ground-breaking changes in the technological advancement across the globe.

Blockchain originated with cryptocurrency Bitcoin somewhere in 2008, exactly 10 years back from now. However, it gained quite a lot of fame and disrepute following the volatile nature of digital currencies and ICO’s. The difference came out when companies began noticing the benefits of the only blockchain sans the usage of cryptocurrency. As the peculiar features of blockchain promised to solve the issues of operations, security and networking in the enterprise world. In addition to this, a plethora of blockchain based start-ups has made a clear distinction between the core technology and digital currency.

According to Gigabit Magazine, Infosys Senior Vice-President Gopi K stated that global technology blockchain is promising as well as its applications in the enterprise solutions and business needs have to be catered with a holistic approach for obtaining larger benefits in the future. He further added that platforms like IBM-Maersk shipping solution and Batavia have been received very well by the clients and respective industries which have boosted the acceptance of this technology. Also, the companies are following the blockchain bandwagon due to the FOMO-effect (fear of missing out).

Blockchain Trends For 2019

According to Forbes, the arrival of security tokens in 2019 will bring a revolution in the economy. The IPO business ideas are gaining popularity with the idea of programmable equity. In addition to this, 2019 waits for the rise of alternative asset classes, the creation of a new decentralized ecosystem and hybrid models of global technology.

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