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Global Blockchain Ventures’ Blockchain Innovations To Transform Healthcare, Enterprise And Education Systems

Global Blockchain Ventures recently launched $100,000,000 venture capital fund for blockchain technology will specially focus on transforming healthcare, enterprise and education systems with blockchain innovations. Global Blockchain Ventures Fund, LP will work in collaboration with Stonegate Digital Capital Group, a lead investor that is making a seven-figure investment to start the fund.

As per reports, the venture includes a dream team of leaders from both the sectors of technology and finance who will increase the pace of innovations through blockchain across the globe. The venture aims to go beyond virtual currency investment and will unlock the blockchain power for transforming the entire world, especially in the field of enterprise, education and healthcare systems.

Some of the major areas of core investment of focus for Global Blockchain Ventures includes synergistic technology platforms and blockchain technology. These will include MedTech, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Led by big names like Al Weiss, Max Hooper, David Metcalf, and Dieter Kondek, the GBV team brings an impressive and unique resume to the table including decades of experience in institutional investment, venture capital, international entrepreneurial and corporate field.

The team aiming to usher blockchain innovations have been a part of leading Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Dell, Disney, Techdata and NASA. The General Partner and Chairman of GBV, AL Weiss said that it is an exciting time in history that they are blessed to be at the forefront of a technology that has the potential to disrupt industries across all the verticals, reported Fintech Zoom.

Weiss further added, “My partners and I truly believe and understand this technology and we are excited to fuel innovation in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This technology has vast potential for beneficial and practical use cases for economic growth and positive social impact.”

According to FINSMES, as a part of their investment in blockchain innovations venture, the GBV wants to leverage its strategic alliances the world over. It includes an alliance with a blockchain technology business with operations in financial services- Blockchain Financial Group (BFG), advisory and research firm, ICO consulting and more.

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