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Global Blockchain Technology Merge With Hosting Services For Future Endeavors

Global blockchain technology is being considered as one of the big four technologies of the recent time which have brought in a major reformation at a mass scale. The remaining ones are Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. All of them have now attained a bubble stage which means there is a wide scope of growth for them. Perhaps, they will perform in a better way within a combination like AI and Blockchain or IoT and blockchain.

In fact, the merger experiment has already begun by The Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) which is going to facilitate services for the Russian blockchain platform called as Universa. ATI has signed a deal with the blockchain platform for 10 years as a renewable strategic partnership. Their collaboration will focus on a wide range of objectives in which ATI will build up value-added services in a blockchain field to enhance the digital economy and digitization of paperwork. On the other hand, Universa platform will develop further apps and services which are going to be integrated into new technological platforms and other initiatives like e-certification and digital economy.

ATI and Universa are also going to work together on joint endeavors based on blockchain as a service (BaaS) which includes pilot projects such as smart cities, digital identity, virtual currency and e-governance. The blockchain technology has become a universal name for all sorts of domains which anyone can think of, as published on Cointelegraph.

Merger Of Global Blockchain Technology And Internet of Things (IoT)

According to Forbes, IoT growth has slowed down over the time due to the problems like timelines of implementation and security reasons. But the combination of IoT and Blockchain has helped in overcoming these issues effectively. They both have actually helped in bridging out the gaps and dodging issues.

Global blockchain technology unanimously favored by one and all, not just individually but for operating within combinations too.

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