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Global Blockchain News: Community Apps Solve Social Networking Crisis

Global blockchain news recently caught the attention of the Facebook marketing campaign. The prime objective of this crusade was to highlight that it is primarily a group and later an industry. Despite being a trusted platform it has been brought to notice that the personal information on the world’s number one social networking has been abused.

According to Venture Beat, it is stated that Facebook has gone far long to acknowledge that clickbait, information misuse, junk mail, political scandal and pretend information have caused heavy damage and eroded users trust. There have been several loopholes in the social community platform’s talent to police and protect customers.

Global blockchain news has made a huge impact on the experts to find out a way in order to improve the social networking platform. Perhaps, the race has already begun. Facebook’s former head of Messenger David Marcus is said to be leading a new blockchain research unit which will be supported by eminent Instagram executives such as James Everingham (VP of Engineering) and Kevin Weil (VP of Product).

How Blockchain Affects Social Networking?

The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology when rooted in a community will require a network of developers in order to run and control a product. The community values of the encryption based technology can probably inscribe cryptocurrency wallets as mentioned by Laptops Magazine. The social networking site may form an incentive-based governance gadget that can offer rewards to the customers for reporting abusive and malicious posts which have labored for several blockchain communities.

Global blockchain news has been attracting developers and market leaders across the world as the technology is still evolving and updating day-by-day. Indeed it seems like this technology will bring a transformational change in the several domains and not just cryptocurrency and social networking.

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