Global Blockchain Conference ‘China Game’ Brings Elite From Game Industry Together

Global blockchain conference “China Game” 2018 held recently on September 10, 2018, brought together elite names from the game industry together. The global game industry has a history of around 20 years and has evolved from the initial end games to page games and now mobile games. So, right now major breakthroughs are expected in the years to come.

The Global Conference of Blockchain Technology and Game Developers was held in New York, USA. Hosted by Kings Power Token (KNP), the conference was a huge success and was attended by big names from the global game industry, technology leaders and blockchain industry leaders. The leaders discussed the mainstream proposition put forth by KNP blockchain game industry.

Both the founder of KNP, Nicholas Johnson and its Director of Technology Development, Christian Brexton delivered their speeches. They summarized and talked on the development status as well as the direction in which the blockchain core technology at KNP is moving.

At the global blockchain conference, leaders from KNP also shared development techniques games and, experience to enable the developers to come up with high-quality, and entertaining gaming products more efficiently.

In his deep analysis of the current situation and development opportunities offered by the blockchain game industry. Brexton revealed a detailed development roadmap and an important layout of KNP, Digital Journal reported. Apart from KNP, another company that is quite active in blockchain field is ChinaNet-Online Holdings Inc that recently sponsored and exhibited its products at Nha Trang, Vietnam’s Global Media Blockchain Summit.

The summit is a part of the series of global blockchain conference and events aimed at promoting collaboration among the different communities of blockchain across the world. According to Nasdaq, the conference held on September 12 this year was attended by over 900 entrepreneurs and investors interested in blockchain industries including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and Advertisement.

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