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Global Blockchain Centre Melbourne Brings Industry Experts To Address Complex Business Issues

Blockchain centre has become a one-stop destination for the ledger enthusiasts across the world. This is the latest emerging concept of community groups and places which provide a platform to the blockchain experts and researchers to build an infrastructure for enhancing the entire blockchain industry. The latest prestigious addition in the list has come from Melbourne, Australia.

Swinburne University has partnered with technology consulting giant Capgemini to launch one such destination for blockchain lovers called as ‘Global Blockchain Centre of Excellence’. This centre is dedicated to bringing the different multi-disciplinary team from the university and the global experts from IT giant together at one platform. They will all work together for the development of blockchain solutions right from proof-of-concept to the integrating platforms which will address complicated business issues related to supply chain, finance, and trade. This centre is said to be focusing on a few major industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, food, finance, and creative industries.

Swinburne Deputy Vice-Chancellor R&D Professor Aleksandar Subic stated that blockchain is the technology which will drive the digital economy and fourth industrial revolution as it is capable of providing an important digital innovation platform to a range of industries. He further added that this blockchain centre is dedicatedly working on the development of innovative solutions and translational research of complicated issues which require the alliance of different sectors as mentioned by CIO.

As of now, Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus will serve as the centre which will work on the expansion of the  Blockchain Innovation Lab.

Other Centres Of Global Technology

There are quite a few operating centres of this technology across the globe but some of them have gained huge popularity in the blockchain community. One of them is New York’s blockchain centre which has been launched by the joint collaboration of FuturePerfect Labs, GBBC Labs and New York City Economic Development Corporation. According to The Next Web, this new facility is going to play a vital role in the development of the blockchain industry in the United States.

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