Gen Next Loves Cryptocurrency, Study Shows

Cryptocurrency investment is going to form the future of global economy, a recent study has indicated.

eToro has conducted a survey to find out about cryptocurrency investors in the present market. And, the study reveals that a a huge majority of crypto investors fall in the 18-35 age range. The global investment platform’s survey reveals how popular cryptocurrencies are among the youth. At the same time, it also shows that the majority of investors are still relatively inexperienced.

People who are professionals in IT services are the most likely ones to invest in cryptocurrencies. The second position goes to those who do not want to disclose their profession. The rest of them include people who are in finance, sales and marketing. A large number of cryptocurrency investors are students.

Women Rule In Cryptocurrency Investment

Another interesting fact that has come out in the survey is that women are more interested in investing in Ripple. In Bitcoin investment, women and men invest on an equal level.

The most popular cryptocurrency in the market is Ripple. It has been found to be popular among all age groups. It has beaten Bitcoin, which holds the second position in terms of popularity. It is also considered the most profitable cryptocurrency in the market. Even Ethereum and Litecoin are considered more profitable than Bitcoin.

The third position goes to Ethereum. Other big names in the game of popularity are Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar and NEO.

Check out the entire result here.

Cryptocurrency investment is going to form the future of global economy.


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