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Future Technology To Curb Online Spamming And Frauds

Blockchain is often dubbed as the future technology not just because it is omnipresent at the moment but also it has helped in cracking down several issues that have troubled a lot of business verticals in a similar manner. This ledger form is extremely capable of maintain high security in its network and can help in curbing spam, frauds and related online thefts.

The Department of Justice in the United States unveiled shocking figures about the massive digital ad fraud ring. It revealed that about $30 million dollars of fake ads are just the top layer of this fraud which has a lot more things inside it. The DOJ exposed innumerable exploitations of the current ad tech model. It is alleged that the advertiser lost about a whopping $19 billion to frauds.

It is blamed at the entire system which has become so convoluted that fraud is indeed considered as part of doing business it can also be termed as a form of institutional corruption. However, blockchain is the solution to this problem which facilitates trust, opaqueness and verifiability in the operating network. This ledger form is the future technology of digital ecosystem which is highly effective in maintaining the secrecy of information or data. The blockchain integration in digital as space can get the users rid of malware, spoofing and frauds.  It not just helps in detecting frauds but also helps in preventing it from happening, as mentioned by Clickz.

Blockchain And the Future

According to MD Magazine, the ledger form was originally made for the operation of cryptocurrencies and is an open-source platform. The basic binary code is available on the internet for the developers to adapt. It facilitates the foundation of apps for online posting of immutable data blocks. It is a hack-proof block which goes through highly secure audit trails. The future technology has wide usage in several business domains and not just digital ecosystem.

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