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Future Technology Foster Human Rights And Digital Identities Of Refugees

The future technology blockchain is best known for its usage in the crypto trade and remittance. However, it is quite a lot more than that rather begin more than just a money-making machine. Indeed, the essence of blockchain has been related largely with its potential features of enhancing operations services, transactions, payments and security of the network. But, it can certainly serve a larger purpose too such as protecting the human rights of refugees and individuals across the world.

Taking a small example from the real world of Toufic Al Rjula, who sought asylum in the Netherlands after facing the wrath of war and separation. He had to mandatorily submit all his original documents to the immigration department and lived sans any legal and official identification for almost two years. Here comes the role of blockchain which can record and store the documents on a network which can be accessed by the authorized personnel’s.

With the help of this future technology, a full-proof and secure chain of networks can be created which will have digital keys to access. All the vital data and personal information’s can be stored permanently on this platform which would help the refugees even if they are not carrying their identity cards or in case if it gets lost or stolen, as mentioned by The Bright Mag. This blockchain-powered system can be of great help as the NGO’s and big charitable organizations would not require doing multiple registrations for different assistance programs.

Blockchain Salvage Human Rights

According to Born 2 Invest, there is a significant rise in the refugee figures over the last decade following the Syrian crisis. The world-leading non-profit organizations like the United Nations have adopted this novel form of technology to assist and enhance the operational services for their various programs that extend food, education, personal identification records and medical aid to such regions.

The future technology of blockchain is no less than a boon for such regions which is going through a devastating phase and badly needs help.

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