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Future Of World’s Biggest Blockchain Start-Up ConsenSys In India

ConsenSys the New York-based startup is the epicenter of the blockchain technology in the world as of now. The firm has now made an entry in the Indian market to promote and develop ethereum blockchain ecosystem. The company specializes in building, consulting and launching decentralized applications.

The blockchain based ConsenSys began with an incubation lab for developers to create innovative projects. Initially, the company was working on the projects related to citizens, journalism, and land registry. However, they took over big projects the top notch industries working in various sectors. Also, they are now working providing solutions to about 100 Fortune companies at present in deploying best solutions based on Ethereum.

ConsenSys Blockchain Projects In India

The company will be working with Indian governing body NITI Aayog for the development of project based on blockchain for fertilizer subsidy disbursement. According to the Head of Consensys India Kavita Gupta, the company will build a strong ethereum blockchain developer community. Furthermore, she further mentioned that this will include 20 to 50k participants and will be done in the duration of next 12 months. (via The Hindu Business Line)

To being their programme the company will first launch their education programme which will train participants. The duration of this program will be around 3 to 4 weeks. The firm management believes there is a strong base of engineers in India and a little training enhance their blockchain knowledge. In addition to this, another proposed blockchain project of ConsenSys is already going in Andhra Pradesh. The team is there helping the government in the domain of supply chain and land titling.

The company is said to have some of the best solutions for the finance-based areas in terms of custodial solutions and transaction settlements. Also, it is said that the company is currently holding 48 solutions that cover almost all the industries. Therefore, ConsenSys is now prioritizing the top 10 solutions which are relevant in the context of Indian economy.


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