French Gaming Giant Ubisoft Signs As Founding Member Of Blockchain Development Company

French video gaming giant Ubisoft recently signed up as the founding member of a blockchain development company called Blockchain Game Alliance. The news about the alliance was announced in France at the Blockchain Game Summit a few days ago. As per the reports this newly formed blockchain game company intends to come up with standard practices, rules, and regulations for using blockchain applications in the field of video gaming.

Apart from Ubisoft, other stakeholders of the company who were present at the summit include ConsenSys, the blockchain powerhouse, and several startups including Ultra, EverdreamSoft, Fig, Alto, and Gimli. EverdreamSoft is renowned for using blockchain tools in the field of digital and gaming collectibles. Ubisoft and other founder members have introduced the technology in the gaming industry so that new portals can be introduced in the ecosystem.

That is why this Blockchain Game Alliance is being looked upon as a virtual platform wherein both the players as well as the developers can pool knowledge, synergize and come up with innovative techniques to create and play games.

A blockchain development company, Gimil, posted that it is convinced that this breakthrough technology will surely introduce numerous benefits to the entire ecosystem including for the players and the developers. The post further said that the platform will serve as an open forum for all the stakeholders for collaborating and sharing their research that will help to foster new innovations for creating and playing games, according to Blockonomi.

At the start of this year, the Strategic Innovation Lab of Ubisoft started exploring DLT development and ever since then has sponsored multiple blockchain conferences and hackathons. The company is following these activities and now has also taken up a new rule of being a founder member of the Bitcoin Game Alliance, according to a report of CCN.

Many other companies involved in this blockchain development company are having an alliance with other ventures in the industry. The advisory board member of Fig, Brian Fargo is an active participant of Robot Cache, a blockchain project, said MCV. The project wants to bring democratization in game development.

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